Interim CTO

Providing interim CTO services to guide your startup's technical team and strategy.

Many early-stage startups cannot afford a full-time CTO, so having an experienced individual who can step in and fill that role is highly valuable. Every tech-based, product-driven startup would require early technical leadership to set the foundations. In cases where your startup needs a CTO but is not ready to hire a full-time one, I can step in as an interim CTO. I will handle all the responsibilities of a CTO, including managing the technical team, making strategic technical decisions, and liaising with stakeholders. This will be on a term-based basis, aligned to milestones that you set and also subject to availability.

This service can provide your startup with the technical leadership it needs without the cost and commitment of hiring a full-time CTO. It can also ensure that your startup's technical strategy is on the right track and that your technical team is productive and effective.